Response to Like a Girl video

The video Like A Girl, provides a fitting example to girls and their perceptions of being like a girl. When you think about it, the phrase will automatically bring up predetermined actions of what girls do; they run recklessly, throw soft hit or kick soft. But in reality, we don’t see how the phrase can be an insult, where we should see girls having the same capabilities as guys do, they just do things differently. Especially with girls at a young age, they need encouragement to do things better and they’re need encouragement just to feel good about themselves, because puberty is rough for both sexes. It shouldn’t be made even harder with telling them they’re weaker than guys are. Ronda Rousey sure isn’t weak, I saw her end a fight in 10 punches on Facebook.


One thought on “Response to Like a Girl video

  1. This is so true, and like we talked about in class today, guys are basically taught to man up when they are little and not cry as women are taught to be emotional and soft. This obviously is not the case as there are many girls who can beat the shit out of many guys.


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