Sam Pepper’s Youtube Prank and its Consequences

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this, Sam Pepper, a relatively popular Youtuber, released a video where he used a rubber hand to act as though he had his hands in his pockets, then went up to women asking for directions and ‘pranked’ them by grabbing their butts. He has also posted videos in the past where he approached women and kissed them or basically catcalled them without their permission – in every case, his actions were uninvited and unwanted. The video caused a huge reaction of anger on the internet, and recently, Youtube and youtube celebrities have begun to ban and blacklist his videos. If you haven’t looked into this story, there are multiple youtube videos explaining what happened and what is still happening – it might be worth taking a look into, if you have the time.

-Rowan Calkins


2 thoughts on “Sam Pepper’s Youtube Prank and its Consequences

  1. I find this story extremely troubling. Videos like this just reinforces the warped idea, our society tends to hold, that men can sexually assault or violate random women that they barely know without consent as long as its for comedic purposes. Some may see this as slightly funny or even hysterical but its harassment none-the-less and should be treated as such.


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