Once Upon a Time When we Were Colored Girls – Greggory Dickerson

I attended the talk held at the MLK center by Ms. Kwayke on Friday. I can say it was worth sitting in on for an hour. She told each woman’s story with grace and beauty. I couldn’t sympathize with any of them on a personal level, but I could only imagine their individual situations in a whole. I was particularly shocked to hear about the last woman, who’s name is escaping me, being sexually assaulted by the boy her aunt set her up with, and for her aunt not to believe her in return. It goes to show you how set in their ways people can be. Even more so when Tasha, I believe her name was Tasha, having to be forced to endure an abortion; her mother of all people didn’t give her the inkling of a chance to experience motherhood. But I guess she got the upper hand while she has two kids of her own now. With honesty, if another talk was being held by Ms. Kwayke I’d probably attend.


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