Raven Symone discusses race and gender identity on Oprah

This video has been stirring up some controversy in the media lately and I wanted to see what you guys thought about it!

-Monet Proctor


4 thoughts on “Raven Symone discusses race and gender identity on Oprah

  1. I get what she was saying. She wasn’t trying to cause problems but she just was trying to say this country should be more of a whole. Gender, race, all of it shouldn’t matter!! Our country was built off of this and we should be leaders and stand out from everyone saying that none of it should matter. We are all people.

    -Wesley schickli


  2. I think that it is so great that icons such as raven symone are talking about race on national TV, let alone oprah which was one of the most watched shows on TV. It is good because children idolize raven from the show “that’s so raven.” Its healthy for children to watch someone they idolize to stand up for something that is right and just!


  3. I agree with her points in this video. I use to think the same way about myself when people referred to me as African American. I use to be like “I am a black American. I find it offensive to say I’m African when I barely know anything about Africa.” I don’t do that anymore because I have started learning more about Africa and its countries. Even though my intermediate family isn’t from Africa, my ancestors are from there, and they will forever run through my blood, but I do see where Raven is coming from. Thanks for sharing this!

    – Jazzmine Collins


  4. I think more celebrities like raven need to come out and speak about being labeled as anything because labeling in this country has gone to levels that are so high it’s not funny, and we all can’t lie, even us have been suspects of labeling people. It is never going to be easy to stop labeling others, but if celebrities stop labeling, people will follow because we look up to them.


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