Same sex-marriage

I thought this was an interesting story line for today. The Supreme Court not taking same sex marriage cases. I think that they should of because it needs to be addressed and I think it would better our country faster.

-Wesley Schickli


2 thoughts on “Same sex-marriage

  1. I have heard a lot about this. Supreme court and gay marriage issue. I think that this issue does need to be addressed by the supreme court. I am also still confused why gay marriage is illegal. I think everyone should get to choose who they want to spend their intimate life with. we cant choose who people love


  2. Yeah I agree with Christina, gay marriage should be legal. I mean we built this country off of equality to everybody and I want to know why we aren’t following our original idea? Also, I really hate how the Supreme Court is trying to back away from cases involving gay marriage because I think they are doing it because they are against gay marriage but they know that it should be legal and they have to go by the Constitution. Politics in general needs to get a grip.


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