Faking it – Greggory Dickerson

I know this may be repetitive, but this show is really good. From watching the second episode, I can see the small buddings of a romantic relationship between Karma and Amy. They’ve been friends for the longest, and only a friend will agree to be a lesbian with you for popularity. But what stands out the most is Amy’s reluctance toward this situation. I can see from the beginning she was dreading this, but in the opening of the second episode, she’s in bed with Karma kissing. Later I can see her dismay with Karma wanting attention from Liam only for a possible side relationship role, and leaving her high to dry. During the dance she felt happy to fake come out to her mom and to be dancing with Karma, but her expression looked saddened when Karma claims she’ll make Liam love her. I could see that Amy was growing jealous, and possibly wanted more attention from Karma instead. I will watch this whole season to get better acquainted with “Faking it”, per se.


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