In Response to Raven video – Greggory Dickerson

I just watched this video and I can say that I’m pretty surprised. Not being cliched, but I didn’t find out that Raven was lesbian until like early this past summer, and this small clip of her interview definitely shows me where she stands with her sexuality and her racial identity as a person. I pretty much knew she’d catch hell saying she’s not an African American, but it’s her right to say that she’s tired of labels; I think people will tend to label things that have yet to understand, or don’t want to understand, so for her to want to live outside of that demonstrates her character that can be modeled for future girls. I wouldn’t be so bold as she was, but it’s amazing to see how much knowledge she has about her own body, and what she represents to others and what she sees everyday in herself is commendable. More people should aspire to be like Raven one day, boy or girl, man or women.


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